Landslide Kills More Than 150 People In Colombia

BOGOTA (Reuters) – A landslide in Colombia?s southwestern border province of Putumayo sent mud and debris crashing onto houses overnight, killing at least 154 people and injuring scores, officials said on Saturday.

Heavy rains caused several rivers to overflow, pushing sediment and rocks onto buildings and roads in the provincial capital of Mocoa and immobilizing cars in several feet of mud.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos flew to Mocoa, population 345,000, to oversee rescue efforts on the city outskirts and speak with affected families.

?We will do everything possible to help them,? Santos said after confirming the death toll. ?It breaks my heart.?

Officials were working to determine the number of missing, Santos said. Nearly 200 people were injured, the defense ministry said, and more than 1,100 soldiers and police officers were called in to dig people out.

?We have sent a team of 150 people to make our response effective and machinery began work immediately,? Carlos Ivan Marquez, head of the national disaster unit, said in a statement.

Even in a country where heavy rains, a mountainous landscape and informal construction of homes combine to make landslides a common occurrence, the scale of the Mocoa disaster was daunting. By comparison, a 2015 landslide killed nearly 80 people in Salgar, Antioquia.

?It?s a big area,? Mocoa Mayor Jose Antonio Castro, who lost his house, told Caracol radio on Saturday. ?A big portion of the many houses were just taken by the avalanche.?

He said that people were warned ahead of time and many were able to get out, but several neighborhoods and two bridges had been destroyed.

Photos posted on Twitter by the air force showed neighborhood streets filled with mud and damaged houses, while videos on social media showed residents searching for survivors in the debris and struggling to move through waist-high water during the night.

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America’s Wars: Business As Usual

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U.S. Marines are, for the first time, deploying to Syria (with more to come). There?s talk of an ?enduring? U.S. military presence in Iraq, while additional U.S. troops are being dispatched to neighboring Kuwait with an eye to the wars in both Iraq and Syria.  Yemen has been battered by a veritable blitz of drone strikes and other air attacks.  Afghanistan seems to be in line for an increase in American forces.  The new president has just restored to the CIA the power to use drones to strike more or less anywhere on the ?world battlefield,? recently a Pentagon prerogative, and is evidently easing restrictions on the Pentagon?s use of drones as well.  U.S. military commanders are slated to get more leeway to make decisions locally and the very definition of what qualifies as a ?battlefield? looks like it?s about to change (which will mean even less attention to ?collateral damage? or civilian casualties).

President Trump may soon designate various areas outside more or less official American war zones ? since the U.S. Congress no longer declares war, they can?t truly be official ? as ?temporary areas of active hostility.? That will grant U.S. commanders greater leeway in launching attacks on terror groups in places like Somalia.  In fact, this already seems to have happened in Yemen, according to the New York Times, opening the way for a disastrous Special Operations Forces raid there that caused the death of a Navy SEAL and possibly nine Yemeni children (the youngest three months old), while evidently accomplishing next to nothing.

In other words, in the early months of the Trump era, U.S. wars and conflicts across the Greater Middle East are being expanded and escalated.  This isn?t exactly a new process, and isn?t yet at the level of either the failed Iraqi Surge of 2007 or the failed Afghan one of 2010.  Still, you might think that the almost instant failure of that Yemen raid would have rung a few familiar warning bells in Washington when it comes to escalating America?s wars in the region.  If so, you would evidently be oh-so-wrong.  The history of the last 15 years tells us that in Washington such setbacks couldn?t matter less. At the moment, the generals who have headed down these very paths before are evidently recommending to an eager new president that it?s the height of wisdom to head down them again.

As Andrew Bacevich, author of America?s War for the Greater Middle East, points out today in ?Prepare, Pursue, Prevail!? this is now business as usual in militarized Washington in the twenty-first century.  It?s so much the law of the land that the Pentagon has developed the perfect language for masking, perhaps to itself as much as others, just how dismally familiar this process actually is.

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11 Ways Introverts Would Prefer To Start A Conversation

Introverts and small talk do not mix.

A hallmark trait of the personality type is how cumbersome they find small talk. Experts say those with the personality type find it disingenuous and it can even be a source of anxiety.

But that doesn?t mean introverts aren?t open to connecting with new people ? quite the opposite. Introverts value deep conversations that allow them to explore their own inner worlds and connect with others. And doesn?t that sound so much better than chit chatting about the weather?

We asked the self-identified introverts of our Facebook communities what they?d rather discuss. Check out their answers below (some responses have been edited for length or clarity):

1. A personal fact about themselves or others.

?I?m actually more comfortable sharing personal snippets or stories of my life and usually the only thing that stops me from getting really into it is the potential to cross a line into ?TMI,? particularly if it?s in a work context. It?s important to me that I?m being genuine. What I dislike about small talk is the inanity of the exchange.? ?Annette Jaimi Williams

2. One word: Animals.

?I?ll talk with them about their pets ? especially cats (not much of a dog person, they?re too extroverted). And my work rescuing cats. Of course.? ?Ellen Arsenault

3. That dream you had last night.

?What do you dream about? Do you remember your dreams? Have you ever wondered if your dreams were more real than your waking life? … I could go on and on.? ?Lorrie Lennon

4. Goals or important values.

?People?s true motivations, deepest and hardest thoughts, pain, doubts, fears, triumphs. Things that small talk is designed to obscure.? ?Emily Patterson

5. A funny story.

?I enjoy amusing anecdotes about daily life.? ?Lisa Steinosaur

6. Or any interesting story, for that matter.

?Tell me a story. Something I can listen to. I will probably relate to it in some way and that gives me a meaningful direction. That doesn?t mean I?ll only talk about myself, but it will give us common ground to talk about something in depth.? ?Amanda Wakefield Ryan

7. An engrossing novel.

?Books. I will talk books and writing until the cows come home. Ask me about books.? ?Dominique White

8. An awe-inspiring trip.

?Travel. Where did you take your last great trip in the U.S. and overseas?? ?Susan Moscareillo

9. Future plans.

?I?m introverted and I?d rather talk about the future, starting businesses, making life better. Things of that nature. Nowadays I can?t even call people because they just want the tea or talk about people on social media.? ?Nesha Rene

10. What makes you tick.

?I?d rather talk about what makes them who they are and the struggles they?ve faced … I want to know what kind of person they are and what makes them tick. I don?t care about the weather or who won the hockey game.? ?Jess Amelia

11. Nothing at all.

?Sometimes we don?t want to talk at all and it can be for many reasons … I prefer to observe rather than talk.? ?Jeff Johnson

Let?s consider this our official introvert discussion guide, shall we?

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Foam Talent: A new generation

Emerging photographers are given a platform at Foam Magazine’s annual showcase..
merging photographers are given a platform at Foam Magazine’s annual showcase.

Mini Mac Trumps the Big Mac

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The “law of one price” holds that identical goods should trade for the same price in an efficient market.  But…


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I like riding my bike on the trail.

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Answer: Not necessarily. If you’ve done the combing over the appropriate amount of time and have no signs of the bugs, you’re probably still reacting to the bite. When you get a mosquito bite, the bug doesn’t have to be around for you to itch, right? But the itch bothers you for quite a while. Same with lice. You also could be itchy because combing and blow drying and picking can irritate your scalp. And if you are a person who also did some sort of chemical treatment, this could be irritating as well. And then there is simply the possibility that after having head lice, you are now hyper-sensitive to any itch on your head. Hey, I’m scratching my head right now just writing this. This is normal. But when in doubt, call a professional.

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I combed and got rid of the lice but found no nits. Am I lice free?

Answer: Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire and where there’s lice, there are usually nits. Not always, but you should keep on wet combing every few days just in case a missed nit turns into a unwanted bug. When you have been regularly combing for 2 weeks with no new bug sightings, that’s when I think you can breathe a sigh of relief and reduce your combing to routine lice checking.+

Do Selfies Spread Head Lice? Take your best shot.

Are you creeped out by cautionary tales of kids getting head lice from group selfies? Some say the cultural phenomenon has reached new heights in popularity and originality, but the concern over selfie-spread lice takes it to new lows. Isn’t it just like adults to spoil all the kids’ fun? Sheesh. If you are looking for lice removal Alpharetta , just give us a call!

Lice have a strong will to live. Head lice are highly contagious and they are, in fact, passed by head-to-head contact. There is a slight, though unlikely chance that shared pillows, hairbrushes and hats can facilitate their transfer. But the human scalp is not simply where head lice prefer to live, it is required for survival. Human heads are a lifeline. The louse will hold on for dear life rather than give up a wellspring of food to go on some haphazard search for better eats.

The louse is a wingless insect that cannot fly. It moves by crawling and cannot jump from person to person—or anywhere, for that matter! When paired with the low desire to move away from prime real estate, they’re not winning any marathons in the world of bugs. “Slow as a louse,” should be an expression more people use.+
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One of the aspects of developing creativity is just the fact that you want to make sure that you are staying on top of your skill set. You can increase your skill set simply by reading literature every day that has to do with what you’re interested in. For example, there are many people that like to sell. Well, if you are playing on being a salesperson then it is important that you make sure that you read at least 20 to 30 minutes per day in your particular field. This will help you increase your ability and will keep you on top of your skill set. Going to a job day in and day out is not really fun but if you can make your life better and better each day then you not only have a job but now you have a career. When you see yourself as having a career then it will make you want to strive for a better and then finally getting to the best of your abilities day in and day out.

Are you Failing Anatomy and Physiology?

When a student enrolls in anatomy and physiology, they have high expectations of doing very well in this class. However, for many people, this is not the case. In fact, a majority of people will drop out of this class the first two weeks and then the rest will follow all the way up until the cut off time that a particular college allows. This is why an anatomy and physiology study guide is so important. Often, a teacher will not connect with every single student and every student will not learn the exact way that the teacher is teaching. Some students are visual, some are audio, in some or a combination of the two. In this class, because many class periods are one hour or less, students are just taking notes and having to review them later.

This results in a lot of self teaching that may or may not be beneficial to every student. Again, for those students who have acquired an anatomy and physiology study guide that can help them decipher some of this information, their grades will reflect this. The demand to get a high grade in this class is very important because some majors will require a student to pass this class with a letter grade of a C. or higher in order to enroll in anatomy and physiology II and subsequent classes beyond this.

The fact is, every anatomy instructor is different and every student will respond to their instructor in a different way. It has been known for many years that school only addresses one or two types of learning and for students that do not possess that type, they may be at a disadvantage unless they get an anatomy and physiology study guide that can help them wade through the information that is important which will in turn help them learn additional information that is supplementary to each concept.

The question is, where do students find a good study guide that can help them pass this class? To answer this question,http://anatomyandphysiologystudyguide.cohas created a reference website that can help students find the help that they need when they are looking for a guide that can help them get a better grade in this class. More often than not, at least one to two hours per class period of studying is required in order to at least get a letter grade of a C.

But with the right guide, studying will be much easier and even fun for those who are currently struggling in this class.

Applying for No Essay Scholarships For Your College Education

If it seems like the cost of earning a college degree just keeps climbing higher and higher as each year passes, it’s not just your imagination. It really is. The cost, in fact, has increased by over 1,100 percent since 1978 according to a Bloomberg study, the year that records of college costs began. The cost of earning a college degree has increased much faster than other things such as general inflation, medical care, and even food. Today, aside from purchasing a home, earning a college degree is the single most expensive thing most people will spend money on in their lives.

Despite such depressing statistics, there are proven ways to lower the cost of higher education. Some people, for example, choose to go to a community college for the first two years of school and then transfer to earn their bachelors degree at another school. Still others make use of challenge exams in their degree plans such as CLEP, DSST, AP and others. Although these strategies can lower a person’s total college bill substantially, it still leaves many thousands of dollars that have to be borrowed to graduate. What’s a person to do?

Good news: There is a way to obtain extra money for college that can dramatically lower and in some cases even eliminate your college expenses. That way is through no essay scholarships.

Scholarships are money that is given out to college students by various companies and organizations for meeting certain criteria. This money does not have to be repaid. It is not a loan. Many scholarships do require applicants to write essays of some kind stating why they deserve to receive the scholarships. These essays can be tedious and time-consuming to write. Because of this, it is often difficult to apply to many scholarships that have an essay component; it simply takes too much time and effort to do so.

No essay scholarships, in comparison, are very easy to apply for. If you meet the criteria of the organization awarding the scholarship, you simply fill out and submit an application and wait to see if you are chosen.

There are so many organizations that award these scholarships that if you spend enough time searching, you are sure to find one or more you qualify for. Some are merit based and will want to confirm your GPA while you may qualify for others for a variety of other reasons such as having membership in a certain organization, possessing a certain skill, or even something you may never have even considered, like having red hair or being left-handed.

Higher education planning can certainly seem daunting with the constantly-increasing costs. Rest assured, though, that there are ways to lower the costs and no essay scholarships are one of the best ways to accomplish this.


ADD in the House?

Don’t need it now, but if I wanted to see if this lice removal atlanta company could help, it may be worth it when I go back to school

This video is sooooo true if you have ADHD, I am not sure if this guy does. I really think there are a lot of people out there who have functional type and some are not functional at all. Interesting to see. And no it has no connect with lice, just thought I would throw that in there. Kinda add huh?

What I Have Discovered

I’ve discovered a new meat that I actually like and is very versatile and inexpensive. It’s Turkey Sausage. I know it may not sound appealing but I’m telling you it’s really really good. I’ve used it for stir fry, you can use it instead of beef for tacos, you can use it in your spaghetti sauce, or you can just cook it on it’s own, add a little seasoning and make some rice of vegetables with it.

just something random I found on YouTube.

It’s much healthier for you than regular meat and it tastes just as good. Give it a try on your next meal.

Pork That’s What’s For Dinner

Have you ever tried pork loin, or cooked pork chops in the crock pot? People should eat more pork, I think it’s the next best thing after chicken. I have never been too fond of pork until I was a little older and had children of my own. So, being a mother, you try new things. I would get recipes from friends and try them. One of the recipes to my surprise, I actually liked. You can fry pork, bake it, grill it, sauteed it, add a can of soup like cream of broccoli, or cream of celery, cook it in a crock pot with BBQ sauce, it’s pretty versatile. A good way to get some extra protein.  I might make this for my school function at the end of the month, looks great.  I found other recipes on some of the sites below also.


Carb Free and Free!

Is there anything out there that is sugar and carb free or low carb that actually tastes good? I am so discouraged about baking sugar and fat free. I think I’ve tried about 5 different recipes so far that claimed to be really good tasting, however, it didn’t taste even remotely good. I have followed all of the recipes to a “T” and still they do not taste good even a little bit. It is much better than trying to get left handed scholarships, that is for sure!

I don’t eat sugar too too much but when I get a sweet tooth and I really want something sweet, it would be nice to find something that tastes great!

In The Cold Weather

So I won’t be complaining about Winter anymore. I cannot wait until Summer time :). In the Summer, it’s funny because I normally complain about the heat.

However, being stuck inside for almost half of a year, has made me realize how silly that was. At least when it’s hot, you can jump in a pool, or jump in the ocean or eat an ice cream to cool off.

I like summer , it is because I do not have to think about this subject

Smallest Post Office

We were on our way to the beach after a very long week doing easy scholarships to apply for and we saw the craziest thing.  We live right outside of the country and decided to take another route.  We came across the smallest post office that I have ever seen.  I was able to get a picture of it.  It was about as small as a bathroom you’d find at a convenient store.  It was beautifully built though, it was in a small beach community.  I’ve just never seen anything that small before.


Have you heard of wacky potatoes?  How about wacky jobs?  There are so many “wacky” things out there it’s quite funny.  I was looking around for wacky recipes for a children’s function we are having and wanted to try to make something different, so I went on the search and the work “wacky” came to mind.  I found so many things, wacky hair, wacky scholarships, wacky names, and yes, of course, wacky recipes.  Who knew?  It will be interesting for sure.  I hope the kiddos enjoy.


We made fudge this morning for our teds woodworking review group for a treat. It delicious! I never thought making fudge would be so easy. I really didn’t know what to think about making fudge. I didn’t know if it had to be put in the oven, or what was mixed with it or anything. All you need is some butter, some vanilla, some powdered sugar, peanut butter, milk, and cocoa. You just stir it all together then place in the freezer while it hardens. You enjoy and keep the leftovers in the refrigerator.

Recipe Fun

Trying new recipes is exciting and fun. We went to a group function for consolidation loans for bad credit last week and they provided a dinner for all that were attending. One of the items was a soup, it was in a crock pot. It was very tasty so I was able to get the recipe and try it for myself at home. We were so impressed with how it turned out that we actually went out and bought a new crock pot for ourselves to try new recipes.

Peanut Butter and Honey

There is nothing more tasty than a peanut butter and honey sandwich. To some that may sound pretty gross, but I promise you, it is the yummiest thing ever. So, how did I come to try it? Well, we ran out of jelly one day and our daughter still had some peanut butter left and some bread. I went through our cupboard to see what else we had and I saw some honey and some maple syrup. I chose the honey. To our surprise, it was really good. I have even had some sandwiches the same way.  I will be bringing some to our weird scholarships group next week, it’ll hold everyone over just perfectly.

New Pizza

A new way to make pizza. The things on top stay the same, but the crust is different. You cut up cauliflower into diced little slivers that look like rice. You then cook the rice until it’s a bit soft. You then take the rice and you squeeze out the excess into a towel. Then you mix it with cheese and some italian seasoning and bake the crust on 400 for about 40 minutes. There is your pizza crust. Then top with your favorite toppings and you have a delicious, healthy pizza you don’t have to worry about gaining too much weight from.  Next week at my easy scholarships class, it’s my turn to cook so I think I’ll be making this, it’s quick and easy.

Apple Pie

I got to have an apple pie yesterday for the first time in probably over a year. I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible. When I eat sugar, It seems to get my blood sugar all out of whack. So, I just limit my intake. It’s funny when I do finally eat sugar though, I seem to get really hyped up and hyper for about an hour. Then of course comes the sugar crash. That usually happens about an hour after I eat the sugar. Well, the apple pie was worth it.  I am bringing in some of this delicious apple pie to my credit debt class this week.  Then we’ll all have sugar crashes.


It’s pretty frustrating when you make a call to a large company and they are rude with you and start acting like everything is your fault. I was calling about my printer today so that I can do my work for and they acted like I had just thrown it down the stairs and purposely broke it. This is the second printer that this has happened to and they treated us like a criminal.  It’s not like I was calling a credit card debt consolidation place asking for more credit and I haven’t paid my bill, goodness.

New Teacher

Our son has a new teacher in school, we’re glad that they decided to do this earlier on in the year rather than having the kiddos get used to a teacher for the majority of the year then pull them on to another project. I think that’s really important for their learning. When I started my schooling through left handed scholarships, I didn’t want to change teachers.  They start getting used to one particular teaching style then take more time trying to learn another style.

Coffee Strength

You have to really be careful when it comes to the strength of coffee you use. Oh my goodness. We went shopping this last weekend and we bought a new coffee. It seemed like it would be good so we bought a big tub of it. Big mistake. We are having to bring it back now as it seemed to have us completely anxious from the strength of coffee that’s in it.

Now that I’m awake from my coffee, it’s off to my consolidate credit card debt meeting.

Party Popcorn

Ok all, you will absolutely love this. I read a receipe about pop corn, believe it or not in a how to get a scholarship group, and of course one of the ingredients, chocolate, and yes, sprinkles, yay. The only set back, make a small batch because when you make it, I promise you, you will want to eat the entire thing in one day. It was so good, so how is it made? Well, you pop some pop corn, as little or as much as you want. You melt some chocolate, I used white chocolate myself. Pour the chocolate over the pop corn then sprinkle it with whatever sprinkles you would like. I kept mine in the fridge which seemed to harden the chocolate just enough.

Great Coffee

Good coffee makes a big difference on the day you have. We tried a different coffee out last week and a different creamer. We worked through it but it just didn’t make for as much of an enjoyable day as when we had coffee and creamer that we enjoyed. I would just recommend that if you are trying new coffee, perhaps try to find it in a smaller package so that if you don’t like it, it’s not a big deal. I’m excited that we are back to the good stuff.

This stuff on tv, not so good. I’ll take my good coffee instead.

When I am trying to make a new recipe, I find it quite exhilarating because it allows me to experiment with different types of foods. Some of the things I like most about trying different foods is the fact that when I’m hungry I can eat the things that I enjoyed the most. For example, I really enjoy chocolate chip cookies. But, it is hard for me to find a recipe that I really enjoy. So, what I did was combine three or four different types of recipes in this help me create one of the best cookies I think I have ever tasted in my entire life. This next week, I am going to try a new recipe for fudge and I am sure that it will work out marvelous. Note: I try to cook as much as possible when I am working on my anatomy and physiologys study guide because it allows me to get my mind off of work. Anyway, I think I am going to make a salad after all of this heavy eating!
Here are a couple of different recipes.

2nd One I Like!

Sugar Sugar!

we tried a new coffee creamer the other day and it was fantastic. It was cinnamon bun flavored and oh so yummy. We typically don’t buy anything with sugar but couldn’t resist. Our opinion on it? It was worth every penny.

I’m not sure if we will get it again as it has about 6 grams of sugar per serving, and when you typically have about 3 cups of coffee per day, that equals out to a lot of sugar. I wish they would make more sugar free/fat free varieties. Funny enough, in my no essay scholarships contest , we had to make our favorite recipe. This was mine! At least it was a good change, next time we go shopping, it will be back to the sugar free vanilla.

My 2 year old dog.

Having a puppy is just like having a two year old. I think i’ve forgotten that. We just recently adopted a little puppy just a few months old. Thankfully we got a carrier for him or else he would just run a muck just destroying things around the house. He likes to chew on things, and if we don’t watch him, he piddles and poos around the house.

Come to think of it, this reminds me of what I was thinking about when I was at school when I was 19 and applied for easy scholarships. (wow it is strange what you remember) know he doesn’t know any better yet and I’m sure he’ll catch on, but for now, we have to watch him like a hawk. His cute little puppy kisses and little whines when you’re not holding him enough are enough to forget all of the little stuff you go through when they are this young. I dont’ think I would have it any other way, it is rewarding seeing him wagging his tail when we come home.

Mr Rogers

One of my favorite shows is Mr Rogers. When I was growing up, I remember spending hours watching this show. Now, my daughter, who is 6, now watches Mr. Rogers on Amazon. I think this show lasted for 8-9 years. Some of the shows that I never got to see were the episodes in  black and white. Speaking of black and white.

I recently saw an article on the NBC that showed some of the older photographs. Some of the photos were from the depression days where many needed consolidation loans for people with bad credit . Also, these photographs had been retouched and they looked absolutely wonderful. I have listed a few of the photographs for you to take a look at. Some of the photos contain Abraham Lincoln and some showed war photos too. I think I remember seeing Marilyn Monroe too. It is interesting how many photos have been retouched. (Edit my mistake! Mr Rogers was on from 1968 – 2001!!!!

Nothing More…

Could there be something that is more fun than waiting to go to Busch Gardens? Nope! Oh my goodness, I have ridden the Montu and I felt that I was about to come out of my seat! I was a great feeling and I am thinking that I would be better suited for a kids coaster. But, I think that that I would like to go on a pirates ride too though. Here are a few youtube vids showing those rides.

Here is another!

In the coming weeks….

In the coming weeks, we will begin to give a critique of the different youtube videos that are on youtube. I think you will like what we are about to do. Well..I can’t wait. We have found some VS. videos online such as Alien vs. Predator. I know you will like it, at least I do!

Some videos I enjoy

Here are some pretty vids, I watched late last night, the second one is pretty cool.

Some of these are pretty cool. I really enjoyed the one with cartoon. For some reason, I really enjoy cartoons and I also love to watch Japanese Anime. It makes me laugh at times, and at other times I really enjoy the way they make their art. I think it is brilliant.