Apple Pie

I got to have an apple pie yesterday for the first time in probably over a year. I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible. When I eat sugar, It seems to get my blood sugar all out of whack. So, I just limit my intake. It’s funny when I do finally eat sugar though, I seem to get really hyped up and hyper for about an hour. Then of course comes the sugar crash. That usually happens about an hour after I eat the sugar. Well, the apple pie was worth it.  I am bringing in some of this delicious apple pie to my credit debt class this week.  Then we’ll all have sugar crashes.


It’s pretty frustrating when you make a call to a large company and they are rude with you and start acting like everything is your fault. I was calling about my printer today so that I can do my work for and they acted like I had just thrown it down the stairs and purposely broke it. This is the second printer that this has happened to and they treated us like a criminal.  It’s not like I was calling a credit card debt consolidation place asking for more credit and I haven’t paid my bill, goodness.

New Teacher

Our son has a new teacher in school, we’re glad that they decided to do this earlier on in the year rather than having the kiddos get used to a teacher for the majority of the year then pull them on to another project. I think that’s really important for their learning. When I started my schooling through left handed scholarships, I didn’t want to change teachers.  They start getting used to one particular teaching style then take more time trying to learn another style.

Coffee Strength

You have to really be careful when it comes to the strength of coffee you use. Oh my goodness. We went shopping this last weekend and we bought a new coffee. It seemed like it would be good so we bought a big tub of it. Big mistake. We are having to bring it back now as it seemed to have us completely anxious from the strength of coffee that’s in it.

Now that I’m awake from my coffee, it’s off to my consolidate credit card debt meeting.

Party Popcorn

Ok all, you will absolutely love this. I read a receipe about pop corn, believe it or not in a how to get a scholarship group, and of course one of the ingredients, chocolate, and yes, sprinkles, yay. The only set back, make a small batch because when you make it, I promise you, you will want to eat the entire thing in one day. It was so good, so how is it made? Well, you pop some pop corn, as little or as much as you want. You melt some chocolate, I used white chocolate myself. Pour the chocolate over the pop corn then sprinkle it with whatever sprinkles you would like. I kept mine in the fridge which seemed to harden the chocolate just enough.

Great Coffee

Good coffee makes a big difference on the day you have. We tried a different coffee out last week and a different creamer. We worked through it but it just didn’t make for as much of an enjoyable day as when we had coffee and creamer that we enjoyed. I would just recommend that if you are trying new coffee, perhaps try to find it in a smaller package so that if you don’t like it, it’s not a big deal. I’m excited that we are back to the good stuff.

This stuff on tv, not so good. I’ll take my good coffee instead.

When I am trying to make a new recipe, I find it quite exhilarating because it allows me to experiment with different types of foods. Some of the things I like most about trying different foods is the fact that when I’m hungry I can eat the things that I enjoyed the most. For example, I really enjoy chocolate chip cookies. But, it is hard for me to find a recipe that I really enjoy. So, what I did was combine three or four different types of recipes in this help me create one of the best cookies I think I have ever tasted in my entire life. This next week, I am going to try a new recipe for fudge and I am sure that it will work out marvelous. Note: I try to cook as much as possible when I am working on my anatomy and physiologys study guide because it allows me to get my mind off of work. Anyway, I think I am going to make a salad after all of this heavy eating!
Here are a couple of different recipes.

2nd One I Like!

Sugar Sugar!

we tried a new coffee creamer the other day and it was fantastic. It was cinnamon bun flavored and oh so yummy. We typically don’t buy anything with sugar but couldn’t resist. Our opinion on it? It was worth every penny.

I’m not sure if we will get it again as it has about 6 grams of sugar per serving, and when you typically have about 3 cups of coffee per day, that equals out to a lot of sugar. I wish they would make more sugar free/fat free varieties. Funny enough, in my no essay scholarships contest , we had to make our favorite recipe. This was mine! At least it was a good change, next time we go shopping, it will be back to the sugar free vanilla.

My 2 year old dog.

Having a puppy is just like having a two year old. I think i’ve forgotten that. We just recently adopted a little puppy just a few months old. Thankfully we got a carrier for him or else he would just run a muck just destroying things around the house. He likes to chew on things, and if we don’t watch him, he piddles and poos around the house.

Come to think of it, this reminds me of what I was thinking about when I was at school when I was 19 and applied for easy scholarships. (wow it is strange what you remember) know he doesn’t know any better yet and I’m sure he’ll catch on, but for now, we have to watch him like a hawk. His cute little puppy kisses and little whines when you’re not holding him enough are enough to forget all of the little stuff you go through when they are this young. I dont’ think I would have it any other way, it is rewarding seeing him wagging his tail when we come home.