Sugar Sugar!

we tried a new coffee creamer the other day and it was fantastic. It was cinnamon bun flavored and oh so yummy. We typically don’t buy anything with sugar but couldn’t resist. Our opinion on it? It was worth every penny.

I’m not sure if we will get it again as it has about 6 grams of sugar per serving, and when you typically have about 3 cups of coffee per day, that equals out to a lot of sugar. I wish they would make more sugar free/fat free varieties. Funny enough, in my no essay scholarships contest , we had to make our favorite recipe. This was mine! At least it was a good change, next time we go shopping, it will be back to the sugar free vanilla.

My 2 year old dog.

Having a puppy is just like having a two year old. I think i’ve forgotten that. We just recently adopted a little puppy just a few months old. Thankfully we got a carrier for him or else he would just run a muck just destroying things around the house. He likes to chew on things, and if we don’t watch him, he piddles and poos around the house.

Come to think of it, this reminds me of what I was thinking about when I was at school when I was 19 and applied for easy scholarships. (wow it is strange what you remember) know he doesn’t know any better yet and I’m sure he’ll catch on, but for now, we have to watch him like a hawk. His cute little puppy kisses and little whines when you’re not holding him enough are enough to forget all of the little stuff you go through when they are this young. I dont’ think I would have it any other way, it is rewarding seeing him wagging his tail when we come home.

Mr Rogers

One of my favorite shows is Mr Rogers. When I was growing up, I remember spending hours watching this show. Now, my daughter, who is 6, now watches Mr. Rogers on Amazon. I think this show lasted for 8-9 years. Some of the shows that I never got to see were the episodes in  black and white. Speaking of black and white.

I recently saw an article on the NBC that showed some of the older photographs. Some of the photos were from the depression days where many needed consolidation loans for people with bad credit . Also, these photographs had been retouched and they looked absolutely wonderful. I have listed a few of the photographs for you to take a look at. Some of the photos contain Abraham Lincoln and some showed war photos too. I think I remember seeing Marilyn Monroe too. It is interesting how many photos have been retouched. (Edit my mistake! Mr Rogers was on from 1968 – 2001!!!!

Nothing More…

Could there be something that is more fun than waiting to go to Busch Gardens? Nope! Oh my goodness, I have ridden the Montu and I felt that I was about to come out of my seat! I was a great feeling and I am thinking that I would be better suited for a kids coaster. But, I think that that I would like to go on a pirates ride too though. Here are a few youtube vids showing those rides.

Here is another!

Some videos I enjoy

Here are some pretty vids, I watched late last night, the second one is pretty cool.

Some of these are pretty cool. I really enjoyed the one with cartoon. For some reason, I really enjoy cartoons and I also love to watch Japanese Anime. It makes me laugh at times, and at other times I really enjoy the way they make their art. I think it is brilliant.